Spay & Neuter

Here at Granite Country Animal Partners, INC, we’re committed to assisting low income residents with altering their pets. At this time we have received a grant and are offering $25 spay/neuter certificates. Please submit the completed form below and your payment of $25 per animal via the payment buttons. If we do not have this information your certificate cannot be sent. Payments may be submitted via PayPal/debit or Venmo only. You do not need a PayPal account. Please do not make an appointment until you have received your certificate. Redeemable ONLY at Elberton Animal Hospital or Lake Hartwell Veterinary Clinic. Certificates will be mailed once payment and info form have been received. 

Which vet clinic will you be using:

Payment Options

Please use one of the following buttons to pay AND submit the form above to order your certificate. Do not contact the clinic until you have your certificate in hand. Additional charges may apply for required vaccines, pregnant/in heat animals, ubdescended testicles, pain medication, flea medication if fleas are present, and bloodwork required as deemed necessary by the veterinarian. Please make sure to have this squared away in advance to not cause delays or confusion as these vet clinics are providing a service to our organization and community.


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